Why choose NewSleep?

How does the 100-Day Trial Period work?

We offer a 100-night, risk-free trial of our mattress. If you don't love the mattress, we'll refund 100% of your money. You just donate your mattress locally and send us proof of donation. Someone else will love your mattress.

How long is your warranty?

We offer a non-prorated 10-year warranty that covers any manufacturing defects including body impressions that are 1 1/2 inches or more.

Does your mattress sleep hot?

We choose Open Cell Memory Foam and Latex because they have been proven to be the most breathable and temperature regulating versions of foam that we've found over the years. Overall, latex sleeps cooler than memory foam.

Is your mattress certified safe and healthy?

Yes. Our latex is Oeko-Tex Certified, which means it's toxic-free and healthy to sleep on. Our foam is CertiPur Certified, which means it's also toxic-free and passes all health standards. We use only the safest and healthiest materials in the mattress industry, guaranteed.

How do I select the firmness for my mattress?

If you'd like a recommendation, we are available via E-mail or by Phone. But the easiest way is to answer a few questions on our Pick-A-Mattress page. Based on your answers we'll give you a recommendation. Simple!

Will my new mattress have a smell?

There is a natural latex scent when unpacking our mattress for the first time. This smell will dissipate in a few hours when well-ventilated. Memory Foam mattresses have a New Car smell that will also dissipate with time.

How is the motion transfer?

One of the reasons we choose a combination of latex and/or memory foam is because they have minimal motion transfer.

Will your mattress develop body impressions?

All mattresses will develop minimal body impressions; we have specifically chosen the most durable foams in the industry to minimize body impressions, even with higher weight ranges.

Do you have any chemical fire retardants (FR) in your mattress?

We will never use any chemical fire sprays or chemical retardants in our mattresses. NewSleepTM only uses the highest quality fire retardant socks made of Non-Woven Silica/Rayon/Polyester/Cotton Blend. This FR sock is required by law and meets all federal regulations.